Pepper of the Year

Kashmiri Chilli pepper SEED- Heirloom and Organic pepper - 50 Seeds

Small Farmer Preparing Organic Garlic Farm

  • Our Mission

    Last Bees is a mission to save our home planet from ecological disaster. Our aim is to utilize our available resources – Online marketplace, Knowledge sharing forum, social media, our investments, and our core interests to help sustain and promote organic natural farming practices and to provide affordable organic produce and products to the people.

  • Know how our crops and seeds are grown and shipped

    Everything we grow and ship has an impact on people and the planet. Learn more about our environmental and social responsibility initiatives.

  • Agroecology is a way for sustainable farming

    Agroecology is not a specific production method, but rather a strategy that depends on and maximizes natural processes to support production systems; it is a way of thinking about agronomy, ecology, and biology holistically. Producing food in harmony with nature rather than against it.