Our Mission

Last Bees is a mission to save our home planet from ecological disaster

Our aim is to utilize our available resources – Online marketplace, Knowledge sharing forum, social media, our investments, and our core interests to help sustain and promote organic natural farming practices and to provide affordable organic produce and products to the people.

We are here to encourage and save livelihood of small farmers, urban farmers, home backyard farmers to preserve and spread natural sustainable organic farming. Because we strongly believe in need of cultural adaptation of agroecology with new generation to bring significant impact and that is where the small and micro farmers are going to contribute a major role.

A success can persuade others easily. So successful organic farming is a necessity to achieve our goal. To become a successful organic farmer – need “know how” in growing crops organically, adapting new technologies and digital access to reach consumers. Also, the product should be profitable to the farmer and affordable to the consumer at the same time.

How we function

Networking the farmers, organic farming experts and latest farming technology through lastbees.com website and its social media portal. We help farmers to list their various products like produce, seeds, farm machinery and farm related products on our website. Also, we support shipping with discounted shipping rates and provide guidance for market their product without any fee. Use our forums to connect with other farmers and experts to share and learn techniques for organic cultivation and marketing.

Provide Economic opportunity

Our platform provides economic opportunity to all natural farmers including urban/rooftop/backyard farmers, irrespective of farm size and location. Contact us to register your farm and sell your product.